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Top Car Seat Protectors for Children: Save Your Upholstery from Mess & Spills

Last Updated: 21 April 2021

A child changes everything in our lives. Many things that used to be simple become an utter challenge. Take car seat upholstery for an example. You used to clean it once, maybe twice a year? With a kid, you'll need to clean every week. Fortunately, car seat protectors can make this routine easier. Today's market is full of quality auto covers that are easy to clean and maintain.

Sure, with so many different products in the market, shopping may become frustrating. So, we prepared a list of the best car seat protectors to save you a bit of time and effort. Read on to find the best option for your auto.

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Elizabeth Barletta

Elizabeth Barletta

Editor-in-Chief of Top Mom

We’ve made a thorough research and come to conclusion that the best and “out-of-and-above-any-competition” kids car seat protector is Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector with Thickest Padding. This is a perfect protector which will extend your cars upholstery life, and defent it from any “kid-related ussues”, like ice creams, juice, soda, food, etc.

Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector with Thickest Padding

Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector with Thickest Padding
13,404 Reviews
Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector with Thickest Padding
Looking for a car seat that all about comfort? Want to get a REAL moneyback guarantee? That one which won't slide and slip? So here is!

As we mentioned earlier, this is the best overall product when it comes to car seat protectors for childrens. Why do we like it? It’s simple! Just look at the key features:

  • Mesh storage pockets;
  • 8 protection layers with waterproof features;
  • Security flap and headrest strap;
  • Compatible with different car models, universal fit;
  • Comes in 5 different colors;
  • 1 year (!) money-back guarantee;

Hovewer, we have some features that we really don’t like:

  • Don’t forget about dimensions: 10.1 x 9.3 x 5.7 inches. It may be too far from your car seat dimensions;
  • A very few reviews said that this car seat protector may slips around;
  • Some users complaying on uncomfortable materials.

Should You Consider Other Kids Car Seat Protectors?

Fow now, you already checked the best (on our opinion) car seat protector for kids. So do you need to check other protectors? Well, we think that there’s no need, because other models provides partially similar options and/or don’t overrate the Lusso protector. On the other side, you may (and probably should) consider other models – some of them provides addional features, some of them has color schemes that you won’t find in Lusso models. So around dozens of car seat protectors, we’ve found the best models you may find interesting for you.

#2 Best offer for a double pack: Zohzo 2 Pack Baby And Child

1,476 Reviews
If you have two kids, Zohzo 2 Pack Baby And Child is the ultimate choice. These double vehicle protectors work with any auto model, have been crash tested, and proven safe. These little helpers will protect your upholstery from stains, crumbs, and spills. The manufacturers really invested a lot of time to make these protectors comfortable. Adjustable straps, anti-slip material, security pad — they have it all. Another nice bonus is sun- and heat-resistance, which means that your protector will retain its original color even after months of use. Plus, it comes with handy mesh pockets and can serve as a seat protector under car seat.

Why consider this product?
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Water and heat-resistant
  • Works with all vehicle models
  • Has been crash tested

#3 Most Versatile Model: Lebogner Cover And Organizer

1,500 Reviews
Lebogner Cover And Organizer does exactly what it promises — protects and organizes your auto. It has four handy pockets for storing toys and snacks and a separate, secure pocket for storing tablets. The organizer is compatible with most auto models and is incredibly easy to install. But the best part about Lebogner is that it is made of high quality, durable materials designed to last. The manufacturer is confident enough to issue a life-long guarantee and money return on this model, which makes it one of the best seat protectors for car seats.

Why consider this product?
  • Very easy to install and clean
  • Waterproof and durably built
  • Comes with a life-long money-back guarantee
  • Has five handy storage pockets

#4 Top choice for babies: Funbliss Car Seat Protector

2,832 Reviews
Funbliss Baby Cover is an excellent choice when looking for an infant car seat protector. The model comes with a belt and a latch for extra safety. It is made of sturdy, durable materials and is waterproof. A thick coating ensures additional comfort for your baby. Funbliss Baby Cover is extremely easy to clean and has two storage pockets for any baby essentials on the road. Another great perk is this product's affordability — after all, we all know that babies grow so quickly.

Why consider this product?
  • Works with most auto models
  • Affordable and designed to last
  • Sturdy and waterproof
  • Two mesh pockets for storage

#5 Best Expandable Cover: Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

2,843 Reviews
Munchkin is another top choice when it comes to baby car seat protectors. This model is designed to expand over the baby chair, eliminating clutter and ensuring comfort for your precious one. This is a highly affordable and practical model. Munchkin comes with a safety latch and is made of waterproof, anti-slip material. It only has one storage pocket, but it is quite comfy and spacious. Another great perk is an adjustable headrest clip.

Why consider this product?
  • Works with all baby chairs
  • Very effective for catching all mess
  • Comfortable and not slippery
  • Big storage pocket

Buyers Guide

With so many similar car seat covers, it may still be challenging to make a choice. So, we’ve created a quick buyers guide with all essential info on upholstery covers for your auto. Take a look to have a better idea of what suits you best.

Car Seat Protectors by Type

While it may seem that protectors are all the same, there are several variations you should know about.
  • Custom Fit: These covers are designed with specific auto models in mind. They fit perfectly but are often hard to find. Besides, they tend to get pricey, and you will need a new one if you get another auto.
  • Semi-Custom: These are more universal and can fit several car models instead of just one. Besides, they are more affordable than full custom. However, they will never have a close and perfect fit.
  • Universal: Suit all car types and models without any exception. These are practical and affordable products, so we suggest you do not waste money on fancy custom designs and go with something universal.
  • Bucket Seat: These are perfect for SUVs because they fit into your seat perfectly.
  • Back of Seat: These are kicks mats that protect the front chair from kids’ restless legs.
  • Bench Seat: These cover an entire seat and are quite universal.

What to focus on when choosing the best car protectors?

top car seat protectors
All parents have different needs and lifestyles, so there is no ‘one fits all’ list. Still, you can consider some of the following quality aspects:
  • Crash tests: Accidents do happen, so it is best to protect your precious one by choosing a crash tested cover.
  • Material: Most covers are waterproof; however, some are more water-resistant than the others. If the cover is too thin, it may not be worth it. Ideally, the material should be sturdy and durable — especially around the corners and the straps.
  • Size and coverage: If you want to protect your car from crumbs, look for covers with wide tuck-in flaps.
  • Storage: Pockets are not always necessary, but since all child covers come with pockets, choose pocket style and size that works for you. For example, some models may have up to five small storage compartments, while others come with one spacious pocket. A cover may also have a separate storage pocket for tablets, which comes in handy for older kids.
  • Traction pads: Those are necessary to prevent slipping and shifting. Low-quality traction pads may damage your car upholstery, though; so, this is not the feature to downsize on.
  • LATCH and Buckle: Latch-compatible covers are safer and ensure supreme protection for your child. A buckle to use with a child’s chair is another safe option; so, you should consider your driving habits here.
  • Brand: Not the biggest priority for a commodity product. Still, some parents are more comfortable shopping with reliable brands.
  • Extra perks: Different manufacturers throw in additional features, like air-bag compatibility or heat-resistance. Those could be nice additions as long as the model is not overpriced. After all, you need the cover to protect your car from the mess.

Benefits of using car upholstery protectors

car seat protector reviews
Car seat covers are not a luxury item; however, these affordable products do have a series of benefits:
  • Minimizes mess, including spills and crumbs
  • Prevents damage and scratches
  • Can be used to protect upholstery from kids and pets
  • Come in different shapes and sizes, suitable for any car model
  • Reduced tear and wear on all upholstery types
  • Are easy to clean and replace
  • Often, come with a lifelong guarantee

Our Buying Advice

With so many great and affordable models, it is tough to name the absolute best. Lusso Thickly Padded Gear is the best waterproof model here. However, Ohuhu 4-Pack Child Vehicle Protectors & Kick Mats are the best choice if you consider the end value. Munchkin Brica Seat Guardian is worth a shot if you do not like to buy too much baby stuff. This model works great for infants and older kids, up until they turn eight. So, we would suggest you consider one of these three examples of best car seat covers.

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    • Lily P
    • 26 September, 2020
  • I was looking for a cover that will protect my Honda leather. So, good I have found this site and picked the best seat protector Munchkin. It looks nice actually with a car’s design. After 2 months of use, I didn’t notice any marks left on the seats. So I’d recommend this one!
    • Frances_Tr
    • 27 August, 2020
  • A really good review. I have already got Shmidt in my car with leather seats. It is made of a good material. My husband is going to buy a new car, and we’re just too lazy to put it out and install another car each time we need, so we decided to buy another Shmidt seat protector. We are happy with this product. Thanks for sharing valuable information!
    shimdts car seat
    • Brenda Trenson
    • 13 August, 2020
  • I used disposable car seat covers, but eventually, I must admit, I wasn’t just happy with the overall look of the car and they are not really safe for kids, as they are sliding all the time and that makes me worry about the front seats and for kids in order not to hurt themselves. Thumbs up for good listing and links👍👍👍. Is anyone here to explain to me how I can actually protect my seat from the back car seat? Thanks!🙏🏻
    • anthony
    • 9 August, 2020
  • Hello there. Thank you for providing a useful list of worthy car seat protectors. I had an opportunity to run through the products, models, types, and points to consider. Now I’m more aware of what I should buy and what will suit me and my son. A good range and description! My regards👏
    • William Fry
    • 28 July, 2020
  • Thanks for helping me choose the right seat protector! I have recently bought a Shmidt Anti-Slip cover and I’m back here with good news! It was easy to install. It’s made of high-quality material. It’s really durable and non-slip. I’m glad to have this, finally. I would highly recommend this cover.
    • Briese
    • 28 September, 2019
  • WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..